Influential Leadership: 25 Research-Based Insights That Will Change the Way You Lead

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The most effective leaders understand that getting results through other people doesn't come from positional power. It comes from their ability to influence those around them. They understanding that earning trust, building a culture of cooperation and motivating employees, peers and bosses is what drives success.

That's why we've compiled the 25 best research-based insights from the world’s top behavioral scientists into our brand-new book, Influential Leadership: 25 Research-Based Insights That Will Change the Way You Lead

The game-changing insights featured in this book come from findings on the psychology of influence, persuasion and communication from top research studies at institutions like Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, INSEAD, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley and more.

You'll learn what science tells us about making team meetings more productive, delivering feedback, helping employees bounce back after failure and more, including:

The end of each chapter features thought-provoking questions that will help you apply the research to your specific situation and help you grow into the most influential leader you can be. 

How confident are we that this book will make a major impact on your leadership skills? If you don't change the way you manage employees after reading this book, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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