About Us

Business 21 Training (formerly Business 21 Publishing) provides fast-paced, real-world training and information products to business professionals in HR, Safety Finance and Sales. Our expert content developers are dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, high-utility products that help companies compete successfully in their industries. Our product line consists of audio conferences, live conferences, desktop learning modules, newsletters, guides, manuals and special reports.

Meet the B21 Team

Ashley Chapin

Webinar Moderator & Production Specialist

Ashley Chapin has been with B21 for over 5 years and runs everything that goes into producing a live webinar-- from coordinating speakers, to being prepared for the unexpected. Ashley is mom to 2 little girls!

Mike Llewellyn

Senior Editor

Mike joined B21 in 2016 and is responsible for creating great new content, finding the best webinar speakers in the business and making sure we deliver programs and products that our customers need to stay ahead of the curve. He's also a perpetually sleep-deprived father of three.

Julia Dent

Marketing Coordinator

Julia Dent is one of the friendly voices you'll hear on B21 webinars. She is a graduate of Meredith College and recently relocated to the Philadelphia area from North Carolina. We hope someone warned her about the winter!

Jennifer Murphy

Customer Service & Office Manager

Jennifer Murphy is one of the original B21 crew, joining back when it was founded in 2002. She's all about customer service. If you have any questions about our products or what we do here, Jen is your go-to person. She'll always have -- or find -- an answer for you.

Rebecca Langendorf

Customer Service Representative

Rebecca is one of our all-star customer service reps who always goes above and beyond to make sure every single customer is happy and enjoying their B21 training. If you call into customer service and have the pleasure of talking to Rebecca, be sure to ask her what she's reading.

Paul McCarry

Email Manager

If you are on any of the B21 email lists, you know that we like to keep you posted on our upcoming events. You may think there is an entire village of HTML experts working night and day to put that all together. Nope. It's Paul McCarry. Paul is a master of organization. He's also the biggest Philadelphia Eagles fan in the office.

Lindsay Roach

Webinar Moderator & Production Manager

Lindsay Roach pulls double duty for B21 and our sister company, The Rapid Learning Institute. Lindsay moderates B21 webinars, creates training modules, manages online learning centers and keeps us all in line. She's kind of like superwoman.

Brian McCallum

VP of Marketing

Brian McCallum is the mastermind behind the B21 marketing strategy and, more importantly, the guitar player in the B21 band. He manages an energetic team of ten B21 employees who make it their personal mission to give him a run for his money. For this he has earned himself a permanent seat in the manager's hall of fame.

Steve Meyer

Founder and CEO

Steve Meyer founded B21 twelve years ago after a successful career in the newsletter industry. Back in the day he was also a reporter for advertising age magazine. Steve holds two masters' degrees, including an MBA from The Wharton School of Business. But we're not bragging.