Benchmarks & Best Practices: The Answer Book for Growth-Minded CFOs & Controllers, 2nd Edition

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We are pleased to introduce the second edition of Benchmarks & Best Practices- The Answer Book for Growth-Minded CFOs & Controllers. This ultra-practical guide gives an inside look at how leading companies deal with today’s toughest financial and business management challenges. This edition has an updated focus on technology and the ever-expanding role of the CFO, including employment law liability and increasing operational efficiency.

Benchmarks & Best Practices is a Q&A-style guide answering top questions CFOs and Controllers in every industry face. Questions like:

The 120 page answer guide is broken into seven key sections:

  1.     Cash Management
  2.     Risk Management
  3.     Financial Management
  4.     Employment Law & Personnel
  5.     Benchmarks & Best Practices
  6.     Leadership & Management
  7.     Technology

Benchmarks & Best Practices comes in a binder with easily removable pages so that you can make copies, share with peers and disseminate the information to the managers of your company. When you are done, simply pop the pages back into the guide’s binder. It couldn’t be easier to share the critical information inside Benchmarks & Best Practices with everyone at your organization.

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