Electrical Safety Training Essentials

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Every worker in your workplace needs basic electrical safety training. Why? Because electrical risks are everywhere - office equipment, extension cords, machinery, computers, wall outlets, etc. Whether you work in an office, a manufacturing facility or a construction site, electricity is a part of everyday work life.

Bottom line: You're doing your employees a great disservice if you don't educate them about the fundamentals of electrical safety.

The kit contains:

Here's a look at what this must-have kit includes:

Electrical Safety for Non-Electrical Workers- OSHA Compliant Training Program (25:54)

Every year in the United States, nearly 4,000 workers suffer serious electrical injuries and more than 400 workers die from electrocution. And that’s not limited to electricians or cable workers. This training program looks at how ordinary workers – non-electricians – can work safely around electricity. Specifically, you’ll learn how electricity works; how to recognize, prevent and avoid electrical hazards; and how to administer first aid to victims of electrical accidents.

Refresher Program - Electrical Safety: Avoiding Incidental Contact (7:58) 

Oftentimes, workers think most electrical accidents occur to employees who actually work with electricity, such as electricians, mechanics or installers. But it’s not so. Most electrical injuries are due to “incidental” exposure -- when workers inadvertently contact an energized electrical circuit while doing something else. This Quick Take will show you three ways “incidental” exposure can happen, common mistakes that contribute to these accidents and how to prevent them from occurring.

Three Safety Toolbox Talks Meeting Guides (PDF format)

These meeting leader guides, which include a discussion section and quiz, are perfect for reinforcing the importance of electrical safety. The three guides included in this kit:

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