Ergonomic Safety: What Every Manager & Supervisor Should Know to Protect Their People

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The way an office worker types on his keyboard...
The place a line worker rests her hand between tasks...
The number of times a teacher twists in his chair to look at the board...
The difference in height between two workers lifting a heavy object...

Whether the "job site" is a sea of cubicles or an underground construction project, the managers and supervisors in your organization are the first line of defense in avoiding injuries and musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor ergonomics.

Unfortunately, most don’t fully understand ergonomics, don’t appreciate the impact it can have on workers, and don’t know what they should look for to make improvements.

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Ergonomic Safety Training Made Easy

This idea-packed training program gives every manager and supervisor the facts they need to spot ergonomic problems and ideas for making changes without interrupting workflow or decreasing efficiency.

The program includes:

  1. A 35-minute desktop training program that covers what your team leaders need to know about ergonomics
  2. Program Notes you can distribute to viewers
  3. And a Meeting Leader's Guide to help you conduct a follow up discussion, reinforce key points and turn the ideas into action.

Viewers will learn:

In sum, what viewers learn in this program will prevent injuries, cut your company’s costs and make your managers and supervisors more effective and successful.

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