Forklift Safety Training Essentials

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OSHA estimates that nearly a hundred workers suffer serious injuries from forklift accidents every single day. A worker dies in a forklift accident every four days. And, about 90 percent of all forklifts will be involved in an injury-causing accident during their service life. That's the bad news.

The good news is, a vast majority of these deaths and injuries (and millions of dollars in facility and inventory damages) can be avoided when workers follow some simple forklift safety rules. Safety Managers know how critical forklift safety training is but too often they lack the time or resources to develop an adequate training program.

The kit contains:

Here's a look at what this must-have kit includes:

Forklift Safety - OSHA Compliant Training Program (33:17)

Lift-Truck Safety: Complete That Inspection (9:19)

Let’s face it. Workers probably think forklift inspections are monotonous. They have to conduct the same inspection of the same components of the same lift truck every single day they work. There are two good reasons to do the inspections: They keep people safe and the law requires it. But oftentimes, workers are tempted to skip their inspections and take short cuts. In this refresher module, viewers learn the two main components of a lift truck inspection, what to look for when conducting an inspection and three common mistakes workers make that can lead to disaster.

Three Safety Toolbox Talks Meeting Guides (PDF format)

These meeting leader guides, which include a discussion section and quiz, are perfect for reinforcing the importance of back safety. The three guides included in this kit:

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