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The facts on lockout/tagout are sobering. According to OSHA, nearly 10% of serious workplace injuries can be attributed to improper lockout/tagout procedure. That's a big number when you consider how many workers routinely service equipment and expose themselves to risk from hazardous energy.

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Lockout/Tagout - OSHA Compliant Training Program (30:02)

The only safe way to service equipment is to follow proper lockout tagout procedures. This training program will teach you when OSHA requires lockout tagout, the kinds of energy that you must guard against, how to use locks and tags properly, the seven steps you must take to properly lock out and tag out equipment, lockout tagout procedures for special situations and lessons from seven real-life accidents where lockout tagout didn’t happen.

Refresher Program - Lockout/Tagout: Five "Mind Traps" That Can Kill (9:48)

Lockout tagout is all about you. These procedures exist for one reason only: to keep YOU and your co-workers safe. So why don’t workers lock and tag out every single time? They get caught in five mind traps, which occur over and over again in lockout tagout incidents. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn what these mind traps are and how to avoid them.

Three Safety Toolbox Talks Meeting Guides (PDF format)

These meeting leader guides, which include a discussion section and quiz, are perfect for reinforcing the importance of safety. The three guides included in this kit:

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