Slips, Trips, & Falls Safety Training

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When workers think of workplace injuries, it’s usually the dramatic accidents that come to mind. Someone killed in an explosion. A forklift that flips over, crushing the operator. Electrocutions. Amputations. They think about the kind of accidents that make headlines.

But the truth is, they're more likely to suffer a serious or even life-threatening injury at work from a plain old slip, trip or fall. Slips, trips and falls are the NUMBER ONE cause of occupational injuries, according to the National Safety Council. They cause 15 percent of all accidental deaths and account for seven billion dollars a year in direct costs, including lost production and overtime.

The kit contains:

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Slips, Trips & Falls Safety - OSHA Compliant Training Program (27:57)

This program covers the seven most common Slip, Trip & Fall hazards: Obstructions or debris in your path of travel, and the seven behavioral factors that can contribute to slip and fall injuries.

This program drives home the message that it’s up to every worker to identify and eliminate hazards whenever they encounter them. And every worker is vulnerable to slip, trip and fall injuries – even employees who don’t climb heights or operate dangerous machinery.

Slips, Trips & Falls: A 3-Step Approach to Eliminating Hazards - Refresher Program (6:51)

When it comes to preventing slips, trips and falls, workers often fall victim to three key mistakes: 1) Failing to recognize the hazard, especially when they’ve worked in the job or same area for a long time. 2) Failing to control the hazard promptly. Even when hazards are identified, employees may fail to correct it promptly. They think someone else will clean it up or they’ll get to it later when they aren’t as busy. 3) Failing to prevent the hazard from recurring. People often think that once they clean up a spill or move an obstruction, their job is done. However, the hazard may return if the root of the problem isn’t addressed. This program provides practical guidance to overcome avoid these pitfalls.

Three Safety Toolbox Talks Meeting Guides (PDF format)

These meeting leader guides, which include a discussion section and quiz, are perfect for reinforcing the importance of back safety. The three guides included in this kit:

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